Falling on your face with pleasure

This weekend I scratched a bull on the back with a wire brush so much he almost fell on his face with pleasure. I could spend hours grooming horses so it’s no wonder that Dougal, the herd bull and me were having fun as I leaned over the fence to give him a good scratch. (Remember, up and over, not through and under – If he bucks he’ll crush your hand on the bar. See, I’m learning things!) It was like scratching a really large dog behind the ear, only you really don’t want Dougal sitting in your lap. He’d probably kill you.

iPhone - Dougal

I really have nothing much to write about today. I’ve not seen anything that has inspired me to put the world to rights so I’m probably going to make this more of a life update rather than a full on rant about something.

This week is the bathroom-painting week. We started painting the bathroom only really to use up paint but now it looks a bit rubbish. Then on my day off I’ll get some bathroom emulsion so the paint won’t actually run down the wall when the shower is on. The lino also needs replacing but then it is only a rental and our agents are pretty useless.

I am really excited though; I’m only a few weeks (about four!) away from going home to the UK for a holiday. We’re flying and hiring a car over there. It should be a Ford Focus. If it is, brilliant because I’ll get a nice prolonged test drive of a car I am really interested in. If not then worst case scenario it’s an Astra. A car I’m not really interested in. It also begs the question of whether we need to burn CD’s or bring an AUX jack for our iPods. I’ll bring both just incase.

The trip home also means tattoo time and piercing time. I should be looking at getting the one on my stomach finished/improved but I am tempted with getting another shoulder piece started. I should finish what I’ve started though (oh wow, this keeps cropping up!). I’ve lost some weight, my stomach is at least a little leaner than it was this time last year so the stomach work should be easy enough to finish. I should contact Steve, the lad that did the awesome back piece work for me at Scorpio Tattoo in Selby and see what we can get done! It’d be nice to get that piece tidied up and at least a little more presentable than it is.

Piercing isn’t going to be too adventurous. I’ll never get anything other than my ears done so it’s only going to be a fourth set in my lobes/cartilage sorted. And I desperately want something other than BCRs in them so I’ll probably change them up for some bars rather than rings. Again, this is all something I’ll decide closer to my trip over. I might chicken out of the piercing if I’m getting my tattoo sorted out.

Other news includes the arrival of something special in my life. My new found love (sorry darling). My iPad. I am a child of Apple I’ll admit. I am slowly being absorbed into the cult but I just love the products and their complete usability. My iMac, my MacBook Pro, Time Machine and my iPhone have a new friend. At the moment though I just use it for reading books and comics (currently reading Transmetropolitan, brilliant stuff) but I have it hooked up to GarageBand too and have a few music apps going so I can start messing around creating some noise. As well as the iWork applications for any ideas I have to type up. Which I can then sync to my MobileMe iDisk and Drop Box! And I have a rather fantastic red leather case for it.

In the tractor

Other, less than awesome news, I had an ultrasound on Friday last week for something my doctor said didn’t “look right”. What was meant to be a pelvic ultrasound turned into a kidney and abdominal one too and I have to wait until at least Wednesday to find out the results and I have about a month for another set of results to come through. To say I’m wound tight is an understatement but everything will be OK, there’s no need to worry and I’ll just be another person in a long list of “just incase”.

Until then I’ll continue as normal and get back to this idea I had for my story that came to me in a dream one night last week. I shall leave you with another photo of me bundled into the back of a tractor.

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