We have moved!

Once again I am back into the peace of the countryside. Well it’s all relative.. as right now there are 100km/h gusts and driving rain so it’s making quite the racket around the new house. Jonathan and I live in Fornaght now, 20 mins out from the outskirts of Cork. Possibly another 10 mins to get into Cork. Another 20 mins to Mallow the other direction. It’s not really in the middle of no where, but it’s close enough.


We’re still unpacking, the only two rooms that I can say are finished are the kitchen and the sitting room. They’re both at a point where they have everything in them that’s meant to be in them. The other rooms just have piles of boxes assigned to them. The main bedroom has all it needs but could do with some more things sorting out. The spare bedroom needs the bed making and bits put away. The study has the desk built but needs shelves and cabinets as well as all the boxes unpacking. The craft room/LEGO room is still just full of boxes and the library (who are we kidding – it’s the sitting/reception room) is currently holding all unassigned boxes. The garage will be sorted out at the last possible moment and the conservatory is just housing comfy chairs and plants at the moment. It’s a bit of a sizable house, we’re very lucky!

This weekend we’ll be unpacking completely and we shall be in a position on Sunday night to finally go “right, these are the pieces of furniture we need next”. Things like bookcases, desks and coffee tables…! The likelihood is that the bookcases we have won’t fit all the books. I never fully unpacked in the last house so there are a lot of things that haven’t seen the light of day since my parents arrived a year ago in the van.

Nothing much is happening after work this week. We’re still sorting out the old house and making sure that it’s up to scratch for the handover this Friday and the depressing thing is with only a lick of paint and a hoover the place is still in better nick than when we arrived last year.


Looking forward to making this a home and looking forward to being able to put up my bits and pieces! Things like my signed Kill Bill poster, and my two huge signed Lord of the Rings framed posters. As well as the prints and rare film posters that are all bundled up. My action figures and some of my Living Dead Dolls (not all of them as there isn’t enough space at all..!). I, of course can’t wait to have people over too. It’ll be tricky what with being so far out but once everything is settled and sorted out then we have more than enough room for people to stay over and tonnes of space for extra cars to be parked up. And I’m looking forward to baking again (Jonathan does all the cooking!).

The only other thing to report on is my new car! Bought a month before the move and I love him. He’s called Mushu and he’s a black and silver Skoda Fabia Sportline. He has a funky red and black interior as well as a most treasured AUX port. Love him to bits, just like Napoleon he isn’t the most efficient car out there but I don’t mind. He’s quick, he makes a lot of noise and he works. Love it!

More photos of the house as and when it’s tidy and it will mostly be room by room. Don’t want to spam the photos…!

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