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Religion. So most of the people I know see it as a joke. Some people I know like to ram their atheism down my throat. That’s ok, you have every right to be a hypocrite. We’re not perfect.

But understand this: I am Catholic, I might not practice actively but I respect my beliefs and those of the people around me. I live in quiet respect of every denomination of Christianity and other religions and I keep it like that. Everyone should do the same. Respect the fact that people do find solace and peace by going to church, temple etc. And that not everyone goes because they have blind faith. They go because of community, because they have a place to be. They go for more than just the worship of God or many Gods.

It has been a long time since I have had a community to belong to, not since the convent in London, and not since I was a Vincentian Volunteer. One day though I’ll have that community back and I’ll welcome it. Until then I’ll worship God in any way I can and I’ll still read and enjoy scientific theory, I’ll still enjoy watching programmes narrated by David Attenborough and I’ll still study the sciences in my spare time. I’ll still smile and bite my tongue every time some self proclaimed atheist does the one thing he or she complains my community keeps doing. Believe it or not you can preach atheism and yes, it does get tiring.

All I ask is respect in return, do not belittle my community, and do not tar me with the same brush as the actual trouble makers. Do not assume I am narrow-minded and unwilling to accept points of view because I wear religious medals and have a crucifix on my wall.

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