Settling In

As many of you now know we have the internet. Hurrah! I’m going to have an article in the January print of Wildflower Magazine about that one. Let me tell you it’s a doozy!

When we first moved into the new house we just had a few priorities. The first one was of course the living areas. We had to make sure the kitchen was up and running, the bathroom that we would use most worked, the sitting room was comfortable and the bedroom was somewhere we could sleep. The bedroom, due to a slightly broken bed, took a little longer to sort out but within the first week we had those main rooms sorted. The few weeks following the move were all down to putting the rest of the stuff away. One room remains still in a packed state at that’s the craft room. Unfortunately that’s going to remain like that until Jonathan gets around to building a desk for it (which he’s super excited about starting). And lets face it, that room will be for his Lego crafting and every now and again painting for me, or sewing.


The room that is getting nicely sorted is my study. And I love it. Firstly it’s right above the utility room so it’s super warm all the time. As well as that I have the opportunity to put more things on the walls as they’re not slope-y like the old house. I love being surrounded by¬†inspiration¬†and well, other bits and bobs. I really can spend all day in here, and while I was off sick I actually did on many occasions spend whole days in here. Something to do with the amazing office chair I bought.

There are photos, and you can see them here! Still don’t feel quite settled in yet, but that will come in time I’m sure. Especially when things calm down and we can start making the house a home.

In other news I am super excited. My awesome friend of awesome is officially coming to stay in March. Can’t wait to putz around Ireland for a week and a half showing off the sights and sounds! Going to be great fun! The tickets have been bought, all that’s left to do is plan the trip. Have I mentioned I’m excited?

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