Happy New Year!

So it’s 2012 and the end of the world is creeping up on everyone. This will be a fun year. Full of lots of changes for everyone around! First being two friends tying the knot this past Friday. It was beautiful, simple, small and sublime. It was a wonderful ceremony and the smallest I have ever been to! Both bride and groom were stunning and the bridesmaids were a sight to behold. It was perfect and tears were shed. I just wish I hadn’t inherited my mum’s lack of late nights tolerance and inability to stay up past 10pm. Really now.

I have only one resolution this year and that’s to stop chewing my fingers. I can do it but sometimes everything just piles on me and it’s the absent minded chewing that gets me through the day sometimes. The other thing I’m doing this year is a photo a day. Not so much to show my day in one picture but just one snapshot of the day. It’ll be a mixture of snaps from the phone and actual thought about photos. But you can catch it here.

This is my first full week back at work and I wonder if I can get through five days! Thanks to illness and random free days over the Christmas period I’ve been on three and four day weeks. It has been fun but I always feel spoiled when I don’t work a full week.

Got Jonathan kissing the Blarney Stone and I’ll report back when that gift of the gab kicks in. Also coming up in the calendar next is Rammstein. Have to say I’m¬†ridiculously¬†excited for this. I don’t know if it’s just to see the crowd, to see the pyrotechnics or to actually see the band perform. But I shall be deaf for a long time afterwards I’m sure. On the subject of music I’m hmm-ing and ahh-ing about iTunes Match. There is a 25,000 song limit and Jonathan would break that easily. And this was only really a way of getting his music across all my devices should we be somewhere and need a random song that he remembers. All my music is purchased iTunes and in the cloud any way with the exception of a few albums. That and Jonathan’s music is all protected WMA’s so there’s no easy way to import that into iTunes. All my Apple training will come in handy for this but at the end of the day there will have to be a lot of CD burning in the future. A nice Sunday of nothing but giving the CD drive on this computer a work out.

The best part of the New Year so far? I get to start using my 2012 Moleskine Diary. Wooo yeah!

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