All is quiet…

So this week has been quiet. Feels like I have been leasing out my boyfriend this week as I’ll not get a moment with him until Sunday night! It has been a busy week for him but a sweet FA week for me. Which has been good and bad.

Good, because I’ve had more time to get into Civilisation V and complete a nice chunk of it. It means I’ve got back to painting and finishing off what I’ve been starting. In that vein I created another blog. It’s on the free wordpress platform so it’s very limited in what can be done. Right now though it’s only for documenting my crafts and creations. Find it here at - Everything crafty will be based there and I’ll leave this for general meanderings. If I have a dedicated blog for crafts I will push myself to post there, meaning I have to give myself something TO post. Thus I actually finish crafts. Or that’s the plan.

Bad, it means I’ve been lazy this week. I’ve not had proper meals, I’ve just been playing computer games or I’ve been going to bed early. Essentially it doesn’t take me much to slip back into my single life ways. Which I don’t mind at all in some regards. I have a big thing against doing “stuff” on work nights. I have a few hours off during work days to concentrate on home and I’m not giving that up without a fight. The weekend is there for a reason and it should be used to concentrate on things away from home. So it blows when I’m really the only one AT home during the week.

Otherwise I have been filling my time with Sherlock, Castle, Fringe and Mythbusters. Can’t sit in silence!

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