Why I love writing stories

“I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for an eternity.” – Chaucer, A Knights Tale.

I don’t have one project, or one manuscript. I don’t have my baby to which I add to every day when inspiration takes me. I’m not on the fifth or sixth draft and it’s not 225,000 words in length. I do, however, have lots of stories; small ones of a few hundred words each. They are taken from situations I’m in, or places I’ve been to. The characters are people I have met or encountered and I craft a story around them.

It’s one of the very few ways I can get revenge without completely being a social outcast. The characters I make are huge exaggerations of people out there, in the real world.

The woman that wouldn’t tuck her chair in fully in the restaurant. The woman who was too good for paper bags and got impatient when the young bakery assistant couldn’t find her a box for her cakes. The mother who thought it was perfectly reasonable to let her child use a restaurant as a play area and creche for her snot faced brats. The chap on the bus who insisted on playing his music for all to hear. The rabid atheist that’s so hypocritical that they end up preaching atheism to you. The socially-retarded individual that tried so hard they had come full circle back to socially-retarded again. And so it goes on.

I might not be able to physically reprimand your child, or slap you in the face for being an idiot. But in the words of Chaucer I will take every character flaw you have, multiply them by ten and put you into a nice situation in my story. Hopefully one day all these snippets will come together in my world and I’ll be able to make a living off them. But so far I’m enjoying acting my literary revenge.

Besides all the best material comes from real life.

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