Just spent the weekend up in Dublin staying with Jonathan’s sister Claire and brother-in-law, David. We started the weekend off on Friday night where we dashed up to Templemore after work to catch a table quiz in the village with the Percy family. It was good fun but went on past my bed time and I slept like a log when I hit the hay at around 1130.

The following morning was greeted forcefully at 8am and the plan was to wash the car but we helped out Alfie and Ruth on the farm for the first part of the day. And when I say “we helped” I mean Jonathan and Alfie dosed some cattle and I watched in slight terror as they let out cattle that hadn’t been out of the shed all winter. Much sproinging was had… We then washed the car with a little help.


The car was clean for the duration of the trip out of the yard. Then we drove down the lane and all the hard work was unravelled. We landed in Dublin after a short visit to Avoca shortly after 5pm. Allowing Claire and David to get ready for dinner with friends. Jonathan and I had the most amazing Thai takeaway for dinner. And the evening was spent watching Top Gear and going to bed early.


Dublin was glorious on Sunday morning. David had left before Jonathan and I got up; we headed into the city for brunch at Lemon Jelly before meandering home in time for dinner with two lovely gentlemen that let us borrow their parking space for our trip up. Again another early night as the lads had work in the morning. Claire, Jonathan and myself didn’t however and Monday was up for being a bit of an epic day.


Monday was the day for Rammstein! I was a little excited by it and a little bit unsure what to expect… Monday morning was spent at the apartment before popping into town with plans to meet Claire and a friend at Cornucopia for lunch at 2pm. I had a rather disappointing Leek and Chive soup (that was more water and chive than leek and soup. Sad face). It lacked a bit in the honest food category and excelled in the wacky-shit category. And I had to go off in search of some substantial meat products afterwards. Jonathan thought it was awesome and I’m sure when he’s back in Dublin sans moi he’ll be making a bee-line there.

Rammstein was amazing. No photos from me, no video, nothing. We were in seating and I only had the iPhone so the quality would have been shocking, and besides I was enjoying the gig far too much to even think about taking photos.

We were quite aways back from the stage and we could still feel the heat off the stage rigged flame throwers (I counted eight, four coming down and four going up). My ears rang from the music, fireworks and explosions. I will go out of my way to see them again without hesitation. They put on a show more than just play music. It was fantastic.

The following morning we were broken people. Claire was off to work fairly early but myself and Jonathan were aching, and croaking and I honestly felt hungover without the fun of being drunk the night before. A bacon buttie (or two) and we were back on the road heading for IKEA.


We bought a lot. The cavernous house is a little more a home now though. The office is on its way to being complete. Only rooms left are the craft room and the library. But we just didn’t have the space to take back the storage for those two rooms. TV and XBOX are up in the study now. It’s warmer up here and the chair is better and I have an awesome awesome cabinet for it now. It’s bright red. Oh yeah.

New Office Layout 1

We got in last night just around 6pm and commenced the IKEA build then. Leaving us drained by at least 9pm. Today has been rather hellish to get through just due to my body and mind rejecting everything. So tired. Quite surprised I had the energy to go about pulling everything out of the office and reorganising everything. We’re now sat in our chairs up here. Catching up on the internet and I’m listening to a bit of Dubliners to wind down for the evening. I will sleep like a baby.

Wishing you all well on this rare day. See you in March.

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One thought on “Reorganisation!

  1. I’m so happy you liked Rammstein. I went to the show too as you know a couple of days before you here in Denmark. I liked it very much too. I’m always at the front at their concerts, so I wonder how it was like to see it from a distance? I want to experience that too one day.

    Your desk looks awesome. Really cosy and nice :)

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