The things you learn while house hunting…

Ventilation in bathrooms and any room with an open fire is a building regulation! And windows don’t count as it has to be “mechanical ventilation”.

The more you know.

I’m also learning about septic tanks, wells and water pumps.

Would I say house hunting is stressful? No, it isn’t but it can be annoying. Compromising is a massive part of it. Realising that maybe I have had it easier these past few years by living close to Cork and maybe now we have to concede to living closer to Mallow. Other things like paying less for a house you have to do more on. You end up adding things up in your head. “How much is a fitted kitchen, and do we really need a washing machine AND a dryer?”

I’ve gone from “What a lovely house, thank you for letting us see it!”

To, “And when did you last have the boiler serviced? Is there a reason why the pump isn’t plugged in? I noticed the ceiling was recently painted but not the walls, is there a reason for that?” It’s like Amateur Hour in Baker Street.

So no, house hunting isn’t stressful. I bet house buying, is.

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